Central region

I will pursue aggressive policies to reduce poverty in the Central region — minister-designate

The Minister Designate for the Central Region, Mrs. Justina Marigold Assan has pledged to pursue aggressive policies and programs that will create decent jobs, especially for the youth, to reduce poverty among the people. According to her, despite the many resources and economic potential the region was endowed with, it was of great concern that […]

Central land

FERC Rules vs. Central Land, LLC in Spire Pipeline Case – WLDS

A land company representing landowners in Greene County recently had allegations of impropriety against a pipeline company. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Denies Central Land Consulting LLC’s July 3, 2019 Filing Against Spire Pipeline. Central Land represents 33 landowners along the pipeline route easement from Metro St. Louis to southern Scott County. The case argued, among […]

Central region

South Central Region Far From Meeting Criteria to Progress on New COVID State Reopening Plan | Local

Yakima County and the other five counties in the south-central region are likely far from moving to the next phase of the state’s new plan to reopen, based on the latest data used by the Department of Health of the ‘State. The south-central region was the only region that did not meet any of the […]