Central region

Blizzard causes power outages in mid-west region

SaskPower crews were busy restoring power to residents of the Midwest region on Tuesday after Monday’s blizzard. The worst affected areas that lost power were Eston, Plato, Tyner and White Bear.

Media relations consultant for SaskPower, Scott McGregor detailed when and how many people were without power.

“We started receiving notifications from the Eston area around 1:30am yesterday afternoon. Around 1500 customers were affected by the storm. We were able to restore around 800 customers last night around 8pm with the remaining customers being left off overnight. We were able to pick them up at 8:30 this morning.

Strong winds combined with snow caused whiteout conditions with near zero visibility at times, which made it nearly impossible for crews to assess the problem.

“Our crews struggled to get to the area where the line faults occurred due to poor road conditions, visibility, high winds, etc. Once we were able to get out, we were successful to get everything going again.”

Once the teams were able to take care of the problem, they determined what was causing the outage.

“It was probably due to the line gallop. This is when 2 lines sway in the wind. Sometimes it causes the lines to fall off, but last night in this scenario we’re pretty sure it’s just because of the lines coming into contact with each other.

The storm was felt across much of the province, with Weyburn also losing power for a large number of residents.

Power to approximately 4,500 customers was cut across the province as a result of the storm. The majority regained their electricity in the morning, the others being lit around noon.

SaskPower would also like to remind anyone who discovers a downed power line or damaged power pole to stay at least 10 meters away, approximately 33 feet away and call SaskPower, or if it is an emergency to call 911.