Central region

Central region: a man kills his wife and tries to kill himself

Police reported the victim ran away from her home crying for help after being attacked by her husband with a cutlass and then stabbed to death.

According to the deputy public relations officer of the Central Regional Police Command, Inspector Isaac Evans Ettie, “the only tenant, upon seeing the situation exhausted and cried out for help. Neighbors later entered and found that Kwabena had slaughtered his wife to death for no apparent reason. ”

“Police went to Assin Koforidua and encountered Abena, 27, with deep cutlass wounds to her head, back and left hand, in a pool of dead blood,” he said. .

He said the suspect attempted suicide by slitting his throat but failed in the process.

He said that “suspect Kwabena, 45, also suffered a deep cut on his neck with blood stains on his body, lying helpless.”

The suspect is currently being treated at St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu.

It comes after a man who is believed to be in his late forties allegedly massacred his wife who is also in her quarantine.

The suspect, Thomas Kontoh, murdered Lydia Amponsah at Gbetsile Soldier Line in the municipality of Kpone Katamanso.

Kontoh is said to have committed suicide by hanging after committing the crime on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

He massacred the late wife by cutting off both her ears and inflicting a series of machete blows on her before opening her mouth.