Central region

Central Region Police promise trustworthy service

The Central Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Alexander Kwame Amenyo said the regional police administration will build a robust and professional police service that is trusted by the citizens.

He said while promoting professionalism, he would work harder to eradicate crime and miscreants who seek to disturb the peace of the region.

He made the remarks during his first interaction with media in the central region after taking up his post as regional police commander.

The purpose of the meeting was for him to formally introduce himself as the new regional commander to the media and solicit their support in keeping peace in the region.

DCOP Amenyo stressed that his team is committed to maximizing efforts to improve professional standards in the service, in order to regain public trust which has been eroded due to certain unprofessional conduct by some staff members. .

He said the initiative would include workshops, refresher courses and ongoing training for staff, while the region’s police hierarchy would be more assertive in their actions to ensure personnel who breached police standards were dealt with. .

“The police administration is eager to clean up its image and ensure that we deliver to people in a more humane way. Our vision is to follow global best practices in carrying out our mandate, protecting people and meeting their expectations.

“We strive to leave behind all unprofessional, unethical and inhumane practices that pit us against the public, so that ultimately the public will have confidence in us and support us in performing our duties. our duties,” he said. mentioned.

Fight crime

DCOP Amenyo pledged to spare no effort in the fight against criminals, disbelievers and other activities that jeopardize peace in the region.

He said his outfit would not compromise in his fight against crime, noting that the country’s borders had become porous and that it would be extremely dangerous if the police administration gave in in its pursuit of criminals.

He added that improving the visibility and presence of police in the community, as well as setting up checkpoints in key locations and on some highways, would be among the measures taken to combat crime.

“We will ensure that our men on the ground are firm in fighting crime, miscreants among others, because if we don’t, it will be very dangerous for the region. Our borders are so porous and currently there are has a lot of infiltration given what is happening in neighboring countries,” he said.


DCOP Amenyo urged stakeholders in the region, especially the media, to partner with the police to achieve their goal of maintaining peace and calm in the region and use their platforms to promote peace in the region. rather than acrimony.

He said the region was one of the quietest and crime-free areas in the country and that these achievements should be maintained.

He further urged the media to be objective in their reporting.