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Central Road Accident Database launched in Goa | Goa News

PANAJI: Taking a step towards road safety, the Goa government on Wednesday launched the Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) project in the state.

An initiative of the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Motorways (MoRTH) and funded by the World Bank, iRAD will establish a precise and uniform mechanism and analysis for the collection and analysis of accident data, and introduce corrective interventions in policies and infrastructure to improve road safety in the country. .
Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho said iRAD will help prevent accidents and in today’s digital world the most important thing is how to use data. The project is a complete web-based IT solution that will allow various agencies to capture the details of a road accident from different angles, such as details related to victim, investigation, road engineering, l vehicle condition and include spatial details such as precise location information.
The project software will provide back-end analysis as well as simultaneous linkage with multiple synchronizations and real-time updates of the data, which will be broadcast to the multiple stakeholders under whose jurisdiction the accident falls.
Once the police department enters the details of a traffic accident, an alert will be sent to those responsible for the transportation and highways department via email and SMS.
Police department officials will then send a request to the motor vehicle inspector of the transportation department to request an inspection of the motor vehicle. After this inspection, the details of the transport department will be entered and the accident information report will be generated accordingly.
Likewise, the details relating to the roads department will be entered by the assistant engineer of the roads / public works department.