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Covid-19: Bulgaria’s north-central region heads for toughest restrictions as intensive care beds fill up

A map released by the Bulgarian government on January 15 shows that intensive care beds in the central-northern region of the country are 79.2% full, on the verge of triggering the strictest level of restrictive measures envisaged in the new government plan to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plan, announced this weekdivides the 28 Bulgarian districts into six groups and classifies the situation into four stages based on the percentage of occupied intensive care beds.

The fourth stage begins when 80% of the intensive care beds in a group are occupied.

At this stage, only food retailers, drugstores, pharmacies, opticians, pet stores, banks, postal and courier service providers, insurers, payment service providers and carrier offices telecommunications can remain open to the public.

Students in grades 5 through 12 are moving to distance learning. A decision will be made whether students in grades one to four can continue to attend in-person classes, but there can be no mixing of students from different grades. If students in grades one through four are moving to distance learning, it may not last longer than a week.

The fourth stage also triggers a new form of business support introduced by the government in the plan.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors of the economy will be eligible for aid.

The aid is 20% of the company’s average net income for 2021, up to a ceiling of 100,000 leva. It is due for each day the business is closed because the region has reached stage four.

The new system also provides for the map to display a five-day projection.

According to the map released on January 15, in five days the other five regions will remain at stage one.

The map shows that the occupancy of intensive care beds is 51.3% in the central-south region, 51.4% north-west, 50% north-east, 37.9% south-west and 44.6 % South East.

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