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Cyber ​​clubs formed in villages in central region to thwart online crimes

Nearly 7,000 clubs formed in the mother villages of the nine districts of the central zone

Nearly 7,000 clubs formed in the mother villages of the nine districts of the central zone

Amid the increasing cases of cyber crimes, the Central Zone Police have been carrying out an awareness campaign by establishing cyber clubs at the village level to educate about the modus operandi of offenders using the online mode to target and deceive gullible people and means of thwarting these crimes by remaining vigilant.

About 7,000 cyber clubs have so far been formed in mother villages across the core area comprising Tiruchi, Pudukottai, Karur, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam and Mayiladuthurai districts.

Each cyberclub, which operates on a virtual platform, has about five to ten members, including computer-savvy youths and a jurisdictional policeman. The clubs are linked to the respective district police cybercrime unit. Telegram groups have been established at the village level to share cyber crime awareness videos and frequent alerts received from the Cyber ​​Crime Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police. The village-level cyber clubs were formed over a period of time with periodic interactions with members by a senior police officer at the rank of additional superintendent of police in the districts, the Inspector General of Police said. , Central area , V. Balakrishnan.

The need for cyber clubs has arisen following several types of reported cyber crimes, with offenders operating from remote locations using the online platform to target gullible people to embezzle their money and raise awareness. people to the modus operandi adopted by criminals, says Mr. Balakrishnan. There have been many reported cases of pensioners tricked by cyber criminals into siphoning their money from their account.

Law enforcement sources claim that cyber criminals use different methods to deceive people including one-time password (OTP) fraud, in which offenders attempt to obtain the victim’s OTP posing as a bank clerk to authenticate a transaction on behalf of the victim and take the money out of their account. Other dubious methods, such as phishing, vishing and online racketeering, have also been the modus operandi of cybercriminals, the sources said.

In addition to forming cyber clubs at the village level, the law enforcement agencies have also established such clubs in several schools and colleges in the central area to raise awareness among young minds. The clubs were formed with the aim that preventing such crimes would be the best option by raising awareness, Balakrishnan said.

The sources said that in a case of online job offer fraud reported in Tiruchi district, the plaintiff was lured by the accused who made a false promise to offer a job in a fraudulent company. . The plaintiff had paid money to the tune of ₹29.54 lakh in installments through G-Pay and the bank only to be defrauded by the accused.

However, the police were able to solve the case by tracing the origin of the IP address and fixing the accused from neighboring Andhra Pradesh. The defendant was found to be involved in numerous such online frauds. A police team traveled to Andhra Pradesh and arrested him.

In another case reported in Perambalur district regarding SMS fraud, a 44-year-old woman from Veppanthattai received an SMS in her mobile phone luring her of a loan offer of ₹5 lakh with an interest rate by 1% and was cheated. The defendant in the case was tracked down in Delhi and arrested through verification of detailed call records and the location of the tower, the sources added.