Central region

Farmers in west central Saskatchewan pray for rain

It was a stressful time for many Saskatchewan farmers at the start of this season, and many are desperate for rain to help crops.

Mallory Scott and her family farm near Landis, a community about 130 kilometers west of Saskatoon. They pray for the weather gods to bring them as much rain as possible this week.

“It’s very welcome. We’ve had next to nothing for rain so far this spring. We’re looking for moisture,” Scott said Monday.

According to the Agriculture Ministry’s crop report released last Thursday, planting in the mid-west and south-west regions of the province was nearly complete. But growers feared their crops would not survive without rain.

The weather announces lots of rain this week across the province and Scott says it’s hard not to be excited about the potential of his crops and livestock.

“(It) gives us some hope that things will develop for the season,” Scott said.

“The harvest is coming and it looks good, but (it) is definitely going slower and we just really want the humidity to feel a bit more comfortable during the summer if things progress.”

Right now, the rain would solve a ton of problems that Scott and his family are facing.

“We hope all our crops will get a bit of something and we have livestock (so the rain is needed) also for our pasture,” she said.

If the rain ends up missing Scott’s piece of land, she says they could face dire consequences.

“I wouldn’t say we’ve had a complete loss so far because of the drought, but (it’s) only a matter of time now I guess,” she said. “A few more weeks, it could be different for some for sure.”

Scott says stress is something that every farmer faces on some level and it’s part of what a farmer is.

“It’s stressful to know the risk we take while farming,” she said, “but we just have to keep hope waiting for the rain and hope it’s the week.”