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Gadkari provides central road funds of Rs1 824cr for urban projects | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Through the efforts of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the city received Rs 1,824 crore from the Central Roads Fund (CRF) for various roads. For Maharashtra, the minister managed to bring a total of Rs 9,897 crore to CRF for 584 projects over the past seven years of the BJP-led NDA government. Of these, 201 projects were completed.
During his recent visit to TOI, the city’s MP said Rs 1,824 crore was the highest ever received in Nagpur by the Center to date for 22 works undertaken in various fields.
According to details shared by Minister’s Advisor Balasaheb Theng, who is the former chief engineer of PWD, four projects have been completed and 11 are nearing completion. Tenders for five jobs were issued while the rest were in progress.
The main works under the CRF included the concretization of the still busy road from Jaistambh Square to Manas Square, which is 3.63 km long. For this project, Rs234.21 crore was approved which also included the beautification of the two squares, an air bridge and an underpass. “Mahametro has been entrusted with the work and its deadline is December 31 of this year,” the minister told TOI.
A spectator gallery with a capacity of 4000 spectators at Lake Futala, one of Gadkari’s dream projects, is also being built from CRF funds Rs112.89 crore. A parking lot for vehicles would be built here. The minister told TOI that there will be a three-story shopping center with an observation gallery at the site. This work was also delegated to Mahametro with the same deadline of December 31st.
Another major project is the widening of busy roads located in market areas like Gandhi Putla, Kelibagh, Tulsibagh through Reshimbagh Square, which stretches for 3.30 km. An amount of Rs58.69 crore has been allocated to the project, the work of which is in progress and whose deadline is February 27, 2022.
Even the heavily congested Old Bhandara road, which stretches 4.30 km, would be widened from Rs 70 crore received under the CRF. Although the tender has been finalized, its works have not been able to start because Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has not yet provided additional land for its expansion. The road would be widened from the Mayo Hospital to the Sunil Hotel in Satranjipura.