Central region

Inauguration of the Youth Parliament of the Central Region

A recently inaugurated Central Region Youth Parliament has called for more efforts to promote youth entrepreneurship to create jobs and reduce their vulnerability.

The National Youth Authority (NYA) inaugurated the Central Regional Youth Parliament last Friday, to give young people a voice on issues that affect them.

Her first session focused on “Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in the Central Region – the Role of Youth”.

In a statement issued after its first session in Elmina, the youth parliament said that the lack of jobs placed many young people in vulnerable situations, forcing them to engage in acts in which they would not have not otherwise involved.

The situation they reported has contributed to the increase in cases of teenage pregnancy.

They called on the government to redouble its efforts to provide employment opportunities for young people to empower them and make them self-sufficient.

Mentorship program

The statement further called for a regional adolescent mentorship program to provide a supportive environment, access to appropriate and fair information and counseling on adolescent sexual and reproductive issues, to help adolescents make informed and responsible sexual choices.

They further called for legislative support for the NYA, to enable it to effectively promote and enhance youth participation in governance and welfare issues.

NYA Regional Director Emmanuel Ofosu called on young people to take proactive steps to help tackle teenage pregnancies in the Central Region, stressed the importance of their role in furthering national development and how much it was essential that young parliamentarians join the fight against teenage pregnancy.

“Teenage pregnancy is a very grave danger to the health of our young people whose future is in our hands. The central region is third in terms of cases of teenage pregnancy in Ghana. I therefore urge you, in as young parliamentarians in your various districts in the region to be ambassadors for change and to promote the right issues of sexual and reproductive health,” he said.

youth development

Mr. Ofosu stressed that young people were a vital part of the development of the country and that it was essential to focus on developing their potential in all areas, including training them in public speaking, which , he noted, was difficult for many young people.

“Youth as we know them has been recognized as an important human resource with the potential to contribute significantly to national development as well as the hope and aspiration for the future of this country,” he said. underline.

He emphasized that the NYA will continue to use the platform of the Youth Parliament to prepare a generation of young people capable of assuming leadership roles in the future.


Central Regional Minister, Justina Marigold Assan, in a speech read on her behalf, pledged her commitment to ensuring the growth and sustainability of the youth parliament, as well as realizing its potential.

Ms Assan said the fight against teenage pregnancy was real and needed collective efforts to reduce it to a bare minimum.

Municipal Chief Executive of Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA), Solomon Ebo Appiah, urged young people to stay away from irresponsible sexual behavior and stay focused on their future goals and seize every opportunity given to them to a better future.