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Industry Central Land Exchange | Tweed County Council

The Industry Central Land Swap Project was created to enable eligible landowners in the South Murwillumbah Industrial Zone who were directly affected by the 2017 flooding, caused by former Tropical Cyclone Debbie, to enter into a process of expression of interest and, if successful, to exchange their floodplain with council-owned floodplain at Industry Central, Murwillumbah.

The Industry Central Land Swap project is a strategic solution to assist selected businesses located in the high flood risk area of ​​the existing South Murwillumbah Industrial Estate to relocate to non-flood prone land at Lundberg Drive (Industry Central) via an agreement land exchange.

Thanks to a $6.6 million grant from the Government of New South Wales, the Council was able to acquire 14ha of suitable, flood-free and appropriately zoned land in Lundberg Drive, South Murwillumbah, and develop it in a new field of employment.

Following the record flooding in February and March this year, Council has launched a new Expression of Interest (EOI) process to assess interest in the 4 further estates to be created as part of the initial exchange project of land.

So far 5 local businesses plus the Tweed Shire Council Depot have confirmed their move to the new site, with 4 lots remaining unallocated. The Board will soon be undertaking expressions of interest to allocate these remaining allocations to eligible companies.

Submissions for the Industry Central Land Swap round 2 open on Wednesday July 13, 2022 and close on Wednesday August 10, 2022.

Alder Constructions won the $3.18 million contract to design and build all public infrastructure from Industry Central to Lundberg Drive, including roads, storm water, reticulated sewers, water supply and telecommunications.

The new housing estates are expected to be completed in early 2023 and, once settled, businesses will be able to begin constructing their new premises on the site.

Council project shortlisted for Resilient Australia Award

The Tweed Shire Council Industry Center Land Swap Project has been nominated for a National Resilient Australia Award for outstanding projects that build community resilience to disasters and emergencies.

The project won the NSW section of the 2018 awards in the Local Government category.

The judges said: “This is an important mitigation strategy to remove the current floodplain risk and build community resilience. This activity required extensive consultation, forward planning and a significant effort on the part of the Council”.

The award was accepted by the council’s chief executive, Troy Green, and acting director of lands and economic development, Ray Musgrave.

“It’s great to see this project being recognized, which is mitigating climate change and creating resilience for local businesses and the broader economy,” Green said.

“I would like to thank former Lismore MP Thomas George for his advocacy after the flood, Tweed MP Geoff Provest for helping with the project and current Lismore MP Janelle Saffin for her work ongoing support as the initiative progresses.

For more information on the Industry Central Land Swap project, visit yoursaytweed.com.au/landswap.

The Resilient Australia Awards are sponsored by the Australian Government in partnership with states and territories and managed by the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR). NSW awards are coordinated by the Office of Emergency Management.

Context / history of the project

In March/April 2017, former Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused extensive flooding across Tweed County with many homes and businesses severely damaged despite the existence of flood dykes in some areas.

The damage was particularly devastating in the South Murwillumbah Industrial Zone, where many medium-sized businesses are located, employing hundreds of people and contributing significantly to the local economy and social fabric of our city.

The cost of damage in this area alone has run into the tens of millions of dollars and has become a major threat to jobs.

The goal of the Industry Central Land Swap project is to build the resilience of Tweed’s economy to weather future flooding and, in turn, help the town better cope with the ongoing challenges that climate change will present.

The Land Swap Agreement allows for a “like-for-like” swap for land that has no improvements or infrastructure.

For land on which existing facilities or infrastructure are built, the offer is at equal price plus a 20% increase for additional land. Companies wishing to purchase land beyond the approved allocation are considered.

As new allotments are created, land exchange between the Council and participating companies may take place and land titles may be transferred. Infrastructure or improvements on properties vacated in most cases will then be removed and these allotments rezoned to allow for public open space or other community purposes. The intention is to create a clear diversion channel for future major floods.

History has shown that continuing to build/renovate flood walls is not real flood protection.

Innovative projects such as the Industry Central Land Swap provide long-term protection for the relocation of high value-added businesses, giving them the confidence to reinvest and grow their businesses, creating more local jobs and thus benefiting economy and the broader social fabric of our community.

The first round of expressions of interest (EOI) took place from November 26, 2018 to January 25, 2019.

The Tweed Shire Council has settled on 14.02 hectares of land in an unprecedented initiative to mitigate climate change and create resilience for local businesses and the wider economy. The $3 million land purchase was funded by the NSW State Government.

This initiative will allow eligible landowners who were directly affected by the 2017 floods in northern New South Wales to enter an expression of interest process and, if successful, swap their land floodplains with floodplains owned by the Council at Industry Central, Murwillumbah.

The Council has also applied for funding from the New South Wales Government’s Growing Local Economies Fund to provide critical public infrastructure and undertake the subdivision of the land.

Many businesses in the South Murwillumbah Industrial Estate suffered significant losses as a result of the 2022 floods and as a result the Board is currently undertaking a second round of Expressions of Interest (EOI) to identify suitable businesses that can have the remaining four unallocated industrial lots awarded. .

The EOI will take place over a 28-day period and eligible interested landowners will be invited to apply to participate in the land exchange.