Central region

Len credits devt to Tg Manis for huge progress in central region

Construction of the Sungai Rajang Bridge in progress

SARIKEI (October 6): Deputy Minister of Town Planning, Land Administration and Environment Datu Len Talif Salleh attributes the tremendous development underway in the central Sarawak region to the development of Tanjung Manis as as the region’s international gateway.

Designed as an international gateway, many infrastructure projects such as deep water port, airport, road connectivity, basic utilities, equipment, facilities, administrative center and industries have been put into operation. works as components of the new Tanjung Manis township, he said.

The construction of a road connecting Tanjung Manis to Sibu and the 17 km Pasi / Tanjung Manis road connecting Sarikei, currently under construction, are part of the integrated development plan of the central region which is considered as a development spillover effect. of Tanjung Manis, he noted after attending a briefing on the progress of the Pasi / Tanjung Manis Road Project, Pan Borneo Expressway and other infrastructure projects at the Sarikei Innovation Center here yesterday.

“When the 17 km road from Sungai Pasi to Tanjung Manis / Sibu Road and the Sungai Rajang bridge project which cost over RM 300 million (RM 331,377,700) is completed, Sarikei and Bintangor stand to benefit immensely,” did he declare.

From Pasi Road, several secondary roads to connect the surrounding localities such as Muara Payang, Parit Bugis and Bukit Hwang on the south bank of Sungai Rajang and Tanah Putih on the north bank would follow, he added.

He stressed that the road will encourage the opening of new lands to stimulate trade, agriculture, tourism and other economic activities in the surrounding areas.

“Of course another advantage of the road is the shortening of the journey time from Sarikei to Tanjung Manis to 45 minutes compared to around two and a half hours now when we have to cross Sibu,” he said.

The objective of the briefing was to enlighten the community through its leaders on the government’s commitment to implement infrastructure development to generate and facilitate the economic growth of the state in general.

In this regard, it should be pointed out that Sungai Pasi / Tanjung Manis / Sibu Road is a popular project implemented with a state alternative fund, he explained.

He hoped that community leaders would share information on major government infrastructure development projects with the community under their responsibility to counter false allegations spread by the opposition claiming otherwise.

It cannot be denied that due to unavoidable circumstances the project was delayed, Len said, while assuring that work had resumed steadily and the completion date had been revised to July 2023 from March 2023 previously. .

Later, Len and his entourage visited the project site.

Among those leading the briefing were Sarikei Public Works Department Division Engineer Toh Chee Leong, Sarikei Abang Deputy Resident Mohamad Porkan Abang Budiman and a representative of the project contractor.

Among those in attendance were Sarikei resident Felicia Tan Ya Hua, Sarikei District Council Chairman Wong Zee Yeng and Sarikei District Officer Christopher Ranggau.