Central region

Machete killings and accidents leave scars in central region

Last year, the central region saw a series of killings by machete-wielding thugs, road accidents and devastating fires.

The upsurge in crime in Masaka City suburbs, Lwengo, Bukomansimbi, Kyotera, Luweero, Mityana and Wakiso districts has left many residents in fear despite police assurances that they have the situation under control.

The machete-wielding gangs, which first gained notoriety in 2017, struck again in the Masaka sub-region, attacking villages and hacking residents to death, before spreading to other areas.

On July 5, they raided the home of a Chinese national, Dr. Deng Deng in Bunamwaya, a suburb of Kampala city, and fled with over 200 million shillings.

Between July and August, the thugs killed a total of 26 people in the Masaka area alone, according to official police records.

The first incident was recorded on July 21 at 8 p.m. when two army reservists John Kabanda, a resident of Bigando village, Kkingo sub-county, and Vincent Kalya, a resident of Nzizi village, Kkingo sub-county Kingo, Lwengo district, were killed.

Seven days later, the thugs passed through Kitanga village, Kabonera sub-county, Masaka district and killed 47-year-old James Ddamulira.

That same night, the assailants attacked Joseph Kabugo, who survived with serious injuries.

A week later, the attackers descended on Kyetume village, Kibinge sub-county in neighboring Bukomansimbi district and hacked Hassan Mugera, a 32-year-old businessman, leaving him with deep cuts to his head. .

From June to August, unknown people kept dropping letters in the area demanding money and threatening certain people.

On August 5, at Misanvu mall, boda boda stadium next to the police station, Kibinge sub-county, they dropped off a letter threatening the police and asking for weapons, allegedly to start an armed rebellion.

In the said letters, 14 young people destined to be recruited into the rebellion were named. Security only questioned the group and did not arrest anyone.

On August 4, assailants attacked Mr. Francis Bwanika, a resident of Kyabi village, Kawanda sub-county, Sembabule district, leaving him with deep cuts to his head.

In some attacks, victims have been trapped on their way home and others cornered in the safety of their homes before being hacked. Many of the victims were elderly.

On August 26, a similar gang raided St Joseph’s Catholic Parish in Busunju town, Mityana district, beating priests and nuns before stealing 23 million shillings and an assortment of household items.

More than 50 suspects, including two opposition MPs Allan Ssewanyana (Makindye West) and Muhammad Ssegirinya (Kawempe North) were arrested and later charged with murder, attempted murder and terrorism by Masaka Magistrate’s Court.

Southern Regional Police spokesman Muhammad Nsubuga said the area has since been pacified following the arrest of key masterminds of the attacks.

The region also recorded several accidents, one of which killed 15 people in Masaka town on May 6.

The macabre incident, which involved a commuter taxi and a trailer, happened in the village of Kassijjagirwa, near the Gaz petrol station, on the outskirts of Masaka town. All the victims were residents of the Sembabule district.

The following day, another accident involving a commuter taxi and a motorbike left two dead at Mbiizinya village on the Masaka-Kampala highway.

Earlier on February 11, a military helicopter crashed near Entebbe International Airport, killing Captain Carol Busingye. A day later, an accident in Kigalama village on the Mityana-Mubende highway in Kassanda district killed three people and injured 14 others. The accident happened after a high-speed taxi bound for Mubende from Kampala rammed into a stationary Mercedes Benz.

On March 17, a traffic police officer attached to Kamengo police station in Mpigi district, Alex Khakosi, 31, died at the scene after a commuter taxi driver hit him, and his colleague at the Kampiringisa police checkpoint.

The driver, who allegedly lost control of the vehicle, was arrested for speeding and killed a police officer.

On September 16, a high-speed car ran over Sabiiti Magembe, 35, an NTV correspondent in Mubende district, at the Namagogo Way bridge in Mubende town.

Magembe died on arrival at the private True Vein Hospital in Mubende town.

Selected fatal incidents

The central region has also recorded killings as a result of robberies, mob justice and misunderstandings.

In Nakasongola district, gunmen suspected of being thieves shot dead two residents and injured two others at Kimaga trading center in Nabiswera sub-county on 28 January.

On February 17, a mob at Nakatooke village in Kasasa sub-county, Kyotera district lynched two people suspected of killing their relative, George Lobero.

On April 10, five children under the age of seven from the same family in Kirangira village, Kasankala sub-county in Rakai district died after taking Paraquat herbicide, allegedly given to them by their grandfather. -mother.

On April 26, a police officer, Hussein Sserugo, who killed two of his colleagues, surrendered to the Kiboga district central police station.

Sserugo shot and killed Sergeant Patrick Okola, 56, and Fred Wasswa, 33, a crime prevention officer, on April 23 after developing disagreements with the duo. On April 29, Robert Kagolo, a journalist with Star FM, was shot dead after a fight with an LDU staff member at his late brother’s home in Kasengejje village, Wakiso district.

On May 19, shock gripped the residents of Kyangato village in Nakaseke district when Oliver Kansiime killed Violet Nakabuye, suspected of having an affair with her husband. A mob then intercepted Kansiime and lynched her.

On June 16, residents of Kayunga district woke up to the death of former district chairman Muhammad Ffeffekka Sserubogo.

The body of the deceased was found hanging from a tree at his home in Kyebanja village, Kayunga sub-county.

Although a post-mortem report indicated that Sserubogo had hanged himself, residents and members of the National Unity Platform, a party to which he subscribed, said he had been killed before his body hangs from a tree.

In the same month, Masaka City lost four prominent businessmen to Covid-19. These included Hajj Yusuf Kuberu, the owner of KY Primary School, and his brother Hajj Sulaiman Mubiru, Ronald Ssentongo and George William Shakespeare Kalumba, who was Masaka’s regional agent for Uganda Breweries Ltd and owner of the Williams Theatre.

On August 3, three children in Buligobe village in Nama sub-county, Mukono district ate bananas mixed with poison that was supposedly intended to kill the monkeys.

One of the children, Ryan Bwiire, died instantly. The trio had allegedly snuck into one of the resident’s gardens.

On September 5, five people died following the collapse of a multi-storey building under construction in Kisenyi, a suburb of Mengo town.

On September 21, six family members died of asphyxiation inside an airtight makeshift tent at a pineapple farm in Kaleire village, Kalongo sub-county, Luweero district.

On September 27, unknown assailants killed a prominent businessman, Fred Kayiza, 54, with an ax as he entered his home in Ntinda area, Goma division, Mukono district.

On October 29, a device exploded, killing three children in the village of Ssegalye in Semutto sub-county.

A similar incident occurred on November 11 when a scrap metal worker, Alfred Mandela, from Kapeeka town, Nakaseke district, succumbed to his injuries after a device believed to be part of a device exploded. unexploded military. The explosive also injured four other people.

On November 30, a prison guard, Fred Wolukawu, 34, attached to Mpigi prison, shot and killed his wife, Eunice Abineitwe, 27, before killing himself. It is alleged that the couple had had domestic disputes.

On December 7, two police officers were killed by suspected thugs in Mityana district.

The following day, four inmates from Kakondo prisons in Lyantonde district died and about eight others were injured following a road accident in Kiterede village, Malango sub-county in Lwengo district. The victims were traveling in a Toyota Saloon.

The driver and a prison guard blamed the crash on one of the inmates, who allegedly grabbed the steering wheel, causing the accident.


February 3: A 25-year-old Musirwa died in a fire that engulfed a building adjacent to Buddu Guest House on Hobart Street in Masaka City. The fire also destroyed household items. On the same day, a 76-year-old man, Langtone Kasumba, was killed after his house in Katanjovu village, Kapeke sub-county in Kiboga district caught fire.

February 16: A suspected arson set fire to a house in Kiziba village, Nakaseke sub-county in Nakaseke district, killing four family members.

March 13: More than eight homes and properties worth millions of shillings perished in a fire that engulfed part of the Mwena landing site in Kalangala Town Council.

March 16: The fire engulfed Kiziru landing site in Mpunge sub-county, Mukono district, destroying over 100 temporary structures, places of worship and killing livestock.

March 20th: A 33-year-old mother and her five-year-old son died after a fire broke out in their rented apartment on Elgin Street, Bata Cell in Masaka City.

April 19: Students at Heroes Vocational Secondary School in Ddwaniro sub-county in Rakai district lost their belongings after a girls’ dormitory was set on fire.

April 27: The fire burned down Grace House, one of the girls’ dormitories at King’s College, Budo in Wakiso district. The fire is believed to have started while the students were in morning preparation.

On the same day, a fire also destroyed a girls’ dormitory at King Fahad Primary School, Busega, Kampala, destroying property worth millions of shillings.

April 30: Five family members died from suspected arson in Luweero district.

November 9: A bus belonging to the Gateway Bus Company caught fire at the Kampiringisa police checkpoint in Kammengo sub-county on the Kampala-Masaka highway.

21 November : A fire engulfed a house in Kyamugongo village, Kayonza sub-county, Kayunga district, killing two children – Gist Nabatanzi, 2, and Patricia Nakaweesi, 3.

On the same day, a fire engulfed a pump gas station in Kacheera Mall in Rakai district, destroying the properties of three nearby buildings.