Central region

NDC suspends central region communications officer

The central regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) suspended Mr. Kwesi Dawood, the regional communications officer, for alleged misconduct.

Mr Dawood has been charged with alleged incest with his biological daughter. The wrongful act resulted in a pregnancy which was aborted.

Mr. Kojo Quansah, the regional secretary of the NDC, confirmed the suspension in a media interview in Assin-Fosu on Monday.

He said Mr. Dawood’s suspension was in line with the party’s constitutional provisions on wrongdoing and anti-party behavior.

“Now we want it on record that Mr Dawood is suspended as regional communications manager until further notice,” he said and noted that the NDC could not claim to be indifferent to the ‘incident.

Mr Quansah said the decision was made after a thorough investigation and information from the Ghana Police Department, the victim and the mother, saying “the NDC will not cover anything”.

He said that as a leading political force in Ghana, the NDC regretted the alleged act and expressed great optimism in the Party’s unwavering quest to defend the rights and freedoms of all kinds of people at all times. without damage.

“The Party is not satisfied with Mr. Dawood’s alleged misconduct as he vehemently disapproves of such attitudes, especially as a former regional communications manager.

“Although the alleged incident concerns a single person, its devastating consequences cast an insult to the Party and its leadership,” he said.

Mr Dawood was reported by his ex-wife to the police for allegedly having sex with his daughter on multiple occasions, resulting in pregnancy.

He allegedly contacted a charlatan, who performed an abortion on the victim.

According to a petition submitted by the victim’s mother, Mavis Ayitey, to the Central Regional Police Command, the suspect allegedly committed the act since the girl was 15 years old.

She is now 16 years old,

“The father, Mr. Dawood, has had forced sex with his daughter (incest) since she was fifteen and even had an abortion for her and warned her not to tell anyone else that ‘it would make her life miserable,’ the petition says. in part.

According to the details contained in the same petition, the victim who could no longer bear the pain of the father’s actions, Friday August 24, 2021, confided in the hostess of her school.

The school official then invited the girl’s grandmother, with whom she was staying in Swedru, and informed her of the victim’s plight, and they reported the case to the police.