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North Central region road construction update # 29 WisDOT

The North Central Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) region provides weekly road construction updates for the following counties in North Central Wisconsin: Adams, Green Lake, Florence, Forest, Iron, Langlade, Lincoln , Marathon, Marquette, Menominee, Oneida, Portage, Price, Shawano, Vilas, Waupaca, Waushara and Wood counties.

Construction schedules may fluctuate based on favorable weather conditions and crew availability. This update is available on: https://projects.511wi.gov/weeklyupdates-nc/

Adam County

Highway: WIS 82

Site: WIS 13 in County B

Calendar: April 12, 2021 to November 2021

Project ID: 1430-01-77

Scheduled works: The teams plan to work all weekend, at the start of the week of November 8, while waiting for favorable weather conditions. The teams will complete the checklist work and install the pavement markings.

Traffic impacts: WIS 82 remains closed to traffic until 6 p.m. on Friday, November 5. Motorists will meet flaggers throughout the weekend until the end of the work.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/wis82-cth-b-wis13/

Langlade County

Highway: WIS 64

Site: County P to the County of Oconto and Bridge over Wolf River at Langlade

Calendar: Completion by November 10, 2021

Project ID: 9140-12-71 / 74

Work planned for the week of November 8: Teams will work on pavement markings, thermoplastic snowmobile level crossings and work on highlight lists.

Traffic impacts: Motorists could encounter flaggers between P County and the Oconto County line as crews complete the project.

Lincoln County

Highway: United States 51

Site: From the Marathon / Lincoln County line at Pine River to County K (exit 211) at Merrill

Calendar: July 19, 2021 to November 15, 2022

Project ID: 1176-22-72 / 73

Work planned for the week of November 8:

  • Crews will install rough stripes and pavement markings on all new pavements in US 51 southbound
  • Teams will remove traffic control from US 51 northbound and work on pavement markings in southbound lanes, pending favorable weather conditions, and transfer traffic to new southbound lanes.
  • All work for 2021 is expected to be completed by November 12.
  • The project anticipates a winter shutdown until April 2022, when work on the 51 northbound lanes of the United States will begin.

Traffic impacts:

  • US 51 traffic continues to run against the direction of existing northbound lanes. Center crossings are used to direct traffic to the Q, WIS 64, and K counties on and off ramps.
  • Traffic will maintain this pattern until the end of the week.
  • The speed limit remains at 55 mph in the construction zone.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/us51nbsb/

Portage County

Highway: Company 51 (postal route)

Site: Springville Drive to Tommy’s Turnpike

Calendar: April 2021 to November 2022

Project ID: 6414-00-79

Work planned for the week of November 8:

  • Crews will continue to install temporary markings on the roadway to open up two-lane traffic in the south and north directions.
  • Crews will complete the installation of the chain link fence along the east side of the causeway across Springville Pond.
  • Crews will continue to prepare the topsoil and install permanent landscaping.
  • On Tuesday, November 9, Company 51 will be fully reopened and construction activities for 2021 will cease until April 2022.

Traffic impacts:

  • Northbound and Southbound 51 trade lanes are reduced to one lane in each direction from Springville Drive to Rainbow Drive.
  • Company 51 will reopen two-lane north and southbound from Springville Drive to Rainbow Drive on Tuesday, November 9.
  • Springville Drive and Rainbow Drive at the east side intersection with Post Road will reopen on Friday, November 5th.
  • The sidewalk will reopen along the east side of Post Road from Plover Springs Drive to Porter Road starting Friday, November 5.
  • The sidewalk will be closed along the west side of Post Road from Plover Springs Drive to Tommy’s Turnpike and will remain closed until August 2022.

Website: https://projects.511wi.gov/business51/

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