Central region

North-West & Center Region

Our infrastructure stretches from London Euston and Marylebone south through the Chiltern and West Midlands regions, the North West of England and Cumbria before joining Scotland at Gretna. We are home to the West Coast Mainline, Europe’s busiest mixed-use railway, serving London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We have 8,000 employees. Our vision is “One team safely delivering excellent services to clients and taxpayers”. We will achieve this vision by embedding a safe and caring workforce culture that welcomes everyone and embraces new ideas and ideas.

We are committed to transforming the North West and Central region, and by extension the whole of Network Rail, into a customer-centric service organisation. We will give priority to passengers. We will prioritize safe and reliable rail services over the continued need to build a bigger and better railroad capable of moving more people and producing in the future.

In the next 5 years to 2024, passenger demand is expected to grow by 12% and freight by 18%. Major railway upgrade programs to meet this growth include HS2, East West Rail, Midlands Rail Hub and the Great North Rail Project.

Tim Shoveler
Managing Director, North West and Center Region