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Ontario Provincial Police Central Region Appeals to the Public to Ensure Safer Roads

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Central Region Chief Superintendent Dwight Peer is asking for the public’s help in ensuring safer roads in response to a significant increase in fatal collisions on roads patrolled by the OPP in the Center region.

OPP members in Central Region investigated 7,565 traffic collisions this year; 41 were fatal, compared to 23 at the same time last year, an increase of 78%, and 864 collisions caused injuries. Seven motorcyclists have also been killed this year, compared to three this time last year, on roads patrolled by the Ontario Provincial Police in Central Region.

Safe and defensive driving is paramount to reducing fatalities and serious injuries on our roads and highways. Sharing the road safely is the responsibility of every driver. This cannot be overstated when motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users are involved.

The main contributing factors to injuries and fatalities in traffic collisions continue to be speed, inattention, impaired driving and the improper use or lack of restraints. While the OPP remains committed to saving lives on our roads, drivers and other road users can make a significant contribution to safer roads by avoiding unnecessary risks and complying with all traffic laws.

In response to this disturbing increase, Central Region Commander Chief Superintendent Dwight Peer calls on the public to adopt responsible and safe driving habits to reduce road tragedies in a video posted to the city’s social media. Central region of the OPP.

“I ask for your help in stopping any tragic and unnecessary loss of life on our roads. Our officers are actively patrolling to ensure safe driving behavior, but we need you to drive as if lives depend on it, because it does. ! […] Always keep your head on a swivel and stay alert for everything and everyone around you. Let’s work together to make sure everyone gets home safely. – Chief Superintendent Dwight Peer, Commanding Officer, Ontario Provincial Police Central Region

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Drivers must commit to adopting safe and defensive driving behaviors and to always driving within the law. This commitment would go a long way towards reducing the number of preventable deaths on the roads. Passengers and the general public can help by adopting an intolerance of bad driving behavior, recognizing the serious risk they pose to road users, and engaging in conversations about safe driving with their families, neighbors and other people in their communities.

The Ontario Provincial Police remains committed to implementing its provincial traffic safety program, which incorporates high police visibility, measurable results, professional traffic stops and public education in its efforts to save lives on the roads. , trails and waterways of Ontario.


Traffic collisions in the Center region (2022 vs 2021 since the beginning of the year to August 22, 2022):

Fatal collisions: 41 (2022 YTD) vs. 23 (2021 YTD) = 78% change

Collisions with injuries: 864 (2022 YTD) vs 792 (2021 YTD) = 9% change

Collisions with property damage: 6,660 (2022 YTD) vs. 5,125 (2021 YTD) = 30% change

TOTAL: 7,565 (2022 YTD) vs. 5,940 (2021 YTD) = 27% change

ADDITIONAL STATISTICS (as of August 22, 2022)

· Speed-related collisions up 41% year-to-date over 2021.

· Inattention-related collisions up 22% year-to-date from 2021.

· Collisions involving commercial vehicles have increased by 37% compared to 2021 since the beginning of the year.

For more information on safe and responsible driving, visit https://www.ontario.ca/document/official-mto-drivers-manual/safe-and-responsible-conduct.