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Overview of construction in the Center-North region

For the City Times
MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Transportation in the north central region has released its first annual construction overview of all road construction projects taking place in 2021.
State and United States highway projects in Adams, Portage and Wood counties include the following
Adam County
WIS 82, from County B to the Marquette County line, April-July 2021
This project builds a new concrete pavement and a new gravel base. The project also includes the replacement of guardrails, curbs and gutters and the repair of culvert pipes.
WIS 82 will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the project. Traffic will be diverted via WIS 13, WIS 23 and I-39. Access to residents and businesses along the corridor will be maintained throughout the project.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis82-cth-b-marquette.
WIS 82, from WIS 13 in the town of Springville about 450 feet east of the intersection of County B in the town of Jackson, about six miles, from mid-April to October 2021.
The work consists of replacing the concrete pavement as well as improving the gravel layer under the pavement if necessary; the existing gravel shoulders will be restored. Six culverts will be replaced along WIS 82 as well as four more at Eighth and Ninth Avenues. A storm drains and an outfall at 10th Avenue will be added. The WIS 82 Bridge over Neenah Creek will receive a new asphalt pavement.
WIS 82 will be closed to through traffic using a posted detour from WIS 13, WIS 23 and I-39 / US 51 during pavement replacement operations. During culvert replacement operations, affected secondary roads may be closed to local traffic during daytime working hours. Asphalt paving of the bridge over Neenah Creek will be done under a single closed lane with signage. No transportation of materials or equipment to or from the project will be permitted during Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day statutory weekends.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis82-cth-b-wis13.
WIS 13, Columbia County line approximately 1,700 feet north of Golden Avenue in town of Dell Prairie, 2.5 miles, May-June 2021.
The work consists of removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with a new asphalt surface in the traffic lanes and the shoulder. The gravel shoulders will be restored. The curbs, gutters and concrete median will be replaced in places. The northern end of the guardrail along WIS 13 northbound, north of the bridge on Waubeek Road, will be repaired and extended.
One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained. Motorists can expect two-way traffic, one-way closures with signage, or shoulder closures. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained. Holiday work restrictions will be in place for Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends. This is also part of a detour route for construction projects on WIS 82.
WIS 13, bridges at Little Roche-A-Cri Creek and Carter Creek, August-October 2021.
Both bridges will receive a new concrete deck coating and polymer coating. The Little Roche-A-Cri Creek Bridge will receive new bridge wing walls and the steel girders at Carter Creek will be painted.
Traffic will be reduced to a controlled lane with temporary traffic lights. Construction is expected to take about a month per site and could be done simultaneously.
Portage County
WIS 66, 100-200 feet beyond I-39 / US 51 ramps / stop at Stevens Point, 0.017 mile, mid-April-July 2021.
WIS 66 and I39 / US 51 works on and off the ramp consist of asphalt resurfacing. Traffic lights will be installed on the I-39 / US 51 northbound access and exit ramp. Beam protection will be updated along the WIS 66 median.
The WIS 66 will be opened to traffic with reduced lanes. Holiday work restrictions will be in place for Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day, if necessary. The I-39 / US 51 northbound and southbound entry and exit ramps will be closed one weekday night (Monday through Thursday) for each ramp for shredding operations; they will also be closed one night during the week (Monday-Thursday) for each asphalt ramp. Night ramp closures will use the interchanges north (Business 51) and south (US 10) of the project interchange for “U-turn style” detours.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis66sp.
WIS 66, I-39 / US 51 ramps 1000 feet east of Stevens Point Municipal Airport main aisle, 0.5 mile, late July-early October 2021
The existing concrete coating will be removed and replaced with a new asphalt coating.
The road will be open to through traffic with only one lane in each direction.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis66sp.
Company 51, Springville Drive to Tommy’s Turnpike, April 2021 – October 2022.
Reconstruction of the carriageway into a 4-lane concrete divided section, with a raised center line and left turn lanes. When completed, this section of Post Road will look like the sections immediately north and south of this project. The roadway will be widened, with new sidewalks, traffic lights, lampposts and signage. Underground utilities, including storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water, will be replaced. The Springville Pond causeway will be widened and associated drainage structures will be improved.
The causeway will be constructed in stages and will remain open to one lane in each direction for the majority of the project. There will be a detour for vehicles and pedestrians during the summer of 2021 to construct the Springville Pond drainage works. The vehicle detour should last a maximum of 21 days and the pedestrian detour should last a maximum of 10 days. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained along the corridor.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/business51.
Wood County
WIS 80, Yellow River Bridge, .11 miles, running through May 2021.
This is a bridge replacement on WIS 80.
WIS 80 is closed and hijacked for 90 calendar days. Southbound WIS 80 traffic is diverted to WIS 173 and WIS 21 to WIS 80. Northbound traffic is diverted to WIS 21 and WIS 173 to WIS 80. The detour route passes through Wood and Juneau counties.
More information is available at https://projects.511wi.gov/wis80wood.
Construction schedules may fluctuate based on favorable weather conditions and crew availability.
Weekly construction updates are available at https://projects.511wi.gov/weeklyupdates-nc.