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Palmerston North Wins Central Region Teams Athletics Title

ATHLETICS: Palmerston North made a clean sweep by winning the final round of the Central Region team competition at Masterton last Saturday.

With 154 points, they finished ahead of Kāpiti Mana’s 143 points, with Hastings scoring 134 points for third place.

Palmerston North was a convincing all-around winner with 486 points, well ahead of Kāpiti Mana with 361 and Whanganui third with 276.

The conditions at Masterton were ideal and the local athletes responded.

There were at least 25 performances, which will improve the list of athletes in the Club Rankings for the season.

* Palmerston North runs the Central Region teams competition
* Central Region competition heats up in round one
* Manawatū athletes deliver the goods for Easter

The day’s competition was split into separate sessions. The morning session featured distance races, Zara Murrihy started the day well by winning the 800m category B in 2m 32.37s.

In the men’s 800m, Dirki Botha ran 2m 3.60s, taking third place in the Class B race, while Greg Austin finished second in the Class C race, running 2m 4.85s .

Ari Bennett representing Ashhurst finished in 16m 56.10s for second place in the 3000m walk.

In the 3000m, Nelson Doolan clocked a personal best 9m 0.87s for fifth place, while Courtney Fitzgibben was the second woman at home in 10m 45.26s.

David Lovelock finished fourth in the 5000m, followed at home by James Conwell and Mark Searle.

The 1500m ended the morning session, with George Varney running 4m 8.12s.

The sprint session started with Juliet McKinlay impressively winning the 80m hurdles in 13.51 seconds.

Braxton Kauri was equally impressive in the 110m hurdles, clocking 15.16 seconds.

Addira Collette won the women’s 100m in 12.01 seconds, her sister Chayille second in 12.07.

Monique Gorrie was fifth in 12.66 and her sister Brianna seventh in 13.13.

In the Class B race, Vanessa Story was fourth in 14.09s and 11-year-old Mila Stassen was sixth in 14.29s.

Story then finished fifth in the 400m in 64.70s, while in Race B Hannah Cadzow was second in 65.02s, with Stassen third in 68.01s.

A personal best 50.60 allowed Aden Porritt to win the men’s 400m, with Louis Northcott second in 51.23s, Dirki Botha third in 51.83s, Brayden Grant fourth in 52.53s and Greg Austin sixth in 54.29 sec.

Hayden Robinson finished sixth in the Class B race, clocking 55.62 seconds.

In the women’s 200m, Addira Collette ran in 25.16s, edging out Chayille, who ran in 25.34s, with Monique Gorrie clocking a personal best 25.82s for third.

Cadzow finished second in Race B in 28.62 seconds.

Angus Lyver ran the 200m, clocking a personal best 21.19 seconds to claim victory in the Class A race, with Forbes Kennedy sixth in 22.50.

Caleb Evans clocked 23.24 for third place in the Class B race, while victory in Race C went to Hunter Kennedy in 24.71s.

The 300m hurdles finished the sprint session, with McKinlay fourth in the women’s race in 53.45 seconds and Kauri winning the men’s race in 39.70 seconds.

The jumping session started well with Lyver jumping 7.18m to break the Manawatū Whanganui Athletics long jump record for 17 and 18 year olds.

Forbes Kennedy finished second with his best of 6.72m.

Courtney Trow won the women’s event with her best time of 4.97m, with McKinlay leaping 4.66m for fifth place.

There was a successful return to competition for Ellie Hurley-Langton, winning the women’s triple jump with an effort of 10.60m.

Evans finished second in the men’s event with a jump of 12.65m.

Amber Trow won the women’s high jump, clearing 1.60m, with her sister Tayler third at 1.40m.

Nick Fee had a busy time in the throwing session, throwing the discus 34.56m for ninth place, the throw 11.50m for seventh place and the javelin 39.86m for fifth.

In these events, the athletes competed with apparatus of their respective age, which meant that Fee was competing with a heavier apparatus than the other competitors.

Lyver was the second best thrower in the javelin, throwing the spear 47.36m.

♦ Just a quick reminder, Arthur Eustace and Palmerston North Ribbon Day at the Manawatū Community Athletics Track this Saturday will be operating under the orange traffic light system.

All participants over the age of 12 (competitors, officials, parents and spectators) will need to log in manually or using QR codes and provide proof of vaccination upon entry.

Please follow the entry and exit signs around the track, maintain social distancing and wear a mask if you are a spectator.

♦ There were great performances in the USA from two former Whanganui Collegiate School athletes with Geordie Beamish setting a new New Zealand indoor 5000m record of 13m 12.53s and Liam Back setting a junior New Zealand record in the 3000m, current 7m 54.3s.