Central region

Somali forces kill 60 al-Shabab militants in central region

Mogadishu, February 24 (IANS): Somali special forces, Danab, killed 60 Shabab militants, including their main leader during operations in several locations in the center of the country, a military official said.

Hassan Mohamed Osman, commander of the 7th Danab Commandos who spearheaded the operation, told Somali National Army (SNA) radio that the forces had also destroyed al-Shabab hideouts near the village of Goobaalle in the Middle Shabelle region.

“Danab commandos on Tuesday killed the al-Shabab terrorist leader responsible for the insurgents in Hiiraan area and 60 al-Shabab terrorists,” Osman said.

Military officials said the operation was carried out in Fidow, Dudubley, Kiliga and Burcadheer in the Hiiraan region, xinhua news agency reported.

He said the bases of the terrorists, including the so-called courthouse and the secret houses where the militants extort money from the residents of BulaArudi, Malable, Siigaale and BusleyDaudi, were also destroyed, including the centers of explosives.

Al-Shabab militants have not commented on the latest military attack on its fighters by Somali commandos, but the operation comes as allied forces have vowed to step up security operations to secure the ongoing elections.