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The 2022 Golden Gloves Boxing Central Region Championships are coming to Dickson City for 3 consecutive weekends in April

SCRANTON, Pa. — This is amateur boxing at its best. As the Golden Gloves Championships return to Lackawanna County for 3 consecutive weekends starting April 9th.

“The Golden Gloves has been a part of me and Long Productions since the early 90’s. We had bought 2 events through the franchise through our sponsors to get the 2 dates, and I was thrilled to never know over the years that I would run the entire tournament through Central. And that’s truly unique. It’s something in my heart that I’ve planned for many years to have Lackawanna County and the entire area host Golden Gloves in our backyard,” Doug said.

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1 of the 12 bouts in the 9th will feature 15-year-old Olivia Ford of Western Wayne. She has been training with Shawn McFadden for a year.

“We work on conditioning and strength training. We do a lot of pad work and just work on patience in the ring,” Olivia said.

Some of the boxers will spend the first two weekends on the 9th and 16th and head straight to the finals on the 23rd with all 3 events at Genetti Manor in Dickson City.

“It’s great. It’s great because of where a lot of us are from. You already travel so you can box, and stuff with such rural areas and everything and having everything here, a bit central enough the location for everyone is great,” said Chris.

“To be honest, I’m super excited to love going out there. It means a lot. I’ve always dreamed of boxing, you know what I mean. So, I’m super excited,” Onix said.

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“Oh yeah, to say the least, all the Dunmore guys we always get together. We haven’t had the Golden Gloves in 2 years and it’s gonna be good to get the thing back on the road” , said Rocco.

These Central Region Golden Gloves champions box the Philadelphia champions on April 30. Then the state championships follow a week later. You win that and you go to national championships.

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