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The army did not commit massacres in the central region (Malian government)

Malian flag, national symbol of Mali waving against clear blue sky, sunny day

The Malian government has denied allegations that its military carried out massacres of civilians in the center of the country earlier this month.

His statement comes after the United Nations peacekeeping mission on Friday decided to investigate the killing of dozens of people in the rural town of Diabaly.

A video circulating on social media showed dozens of badly burned bodies, blindfolded and with their hands tied. Some of them seemed to have holes in the back of their heads.

An official in central Mali, who asked to remain anonymous, said the bodies were found on Tuesday evening and were believed to be people arrested by the Malian army, some on February 20 and others on February 1. March.

The government has declared all allegations of military involvement to be completely false.

“This act in no way constitutes the modus operandi of our forces,” he said, announcing his own investigation.

The UN has repeatedly accused Malian soldiers of summarily executing suspected civilians and militants during their decade-long fight against groups linked to al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

In some cases, the military acknowledged that its forces were involved in executions and other abuses, but few soldiers faced criminal charges.