Central region

The central region suffers damage after heavy rains

This photo, provided by a reader, shows roads in the western port city of Incheon submerged on Monday. (Yonhap)

Heavy downpours hit the central region of the country, including the capital region, on Monday, flooding homes, roads, buildings and other properties.

South Seoul received more than 100mm per hour, forcing sections of the subway to stop and causing power outages and residents in low-lying areas to flee for safety.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo ordered relevant agencies to remain vigilant and do their best to prevent accidents and property damage in high-risk areas.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) has issued heavy rain watches for the capital and western port city of Incheon as well as northern parts of Gyeonggi Province that surrounds Seoul and northern Gangwon Province.

Such advisories are issued when precipitation is expected to exceed 60 mm in three hours or 110 mm in 12 hours.

In Yeoncheon, 62 kilometers north of Seoul, 171 mm of rain had fallen as of 3 p.m., as well as 87.9 mm in Incheon, the KMA said. In Seoul, about 60mm of rain fell, while there was 78.5mm of rain in Cheorwon, about 71 kilometers northeast of Seoul.

Heavy downpours hit Seoul in particular later in the day, causing flooding and power outages in some areas, residents in low-lying areas evacuating for safety and sections of subway lines forced to stop.

Seoul had received 90.5 mm of rain as of 8 p.m. In particular, Dongjak district in southern Seoul received 137mm of rain per hour, the worst rainfall in decades.

Some shops at the express bus station in Seoul’s southern Gangnam district were under water. Water leaks have been reported in some facilities at the South Seoul Convention and Exhibition Center.

No casualties were reported in these areas, but property damage occurred, including the displacement of two residents of Cheorwon.

Authorities have also received numerous reports of submerged vehicles and farmland, destroyed roads and fallen trees in areas affected by the torrential rains.

The weather agency said earlier that central parts of the country and northern Gyeonggi Province are expected to receive downpours combined with high winds, thunder and lightning as a clash of cold and warm air masses produces a stationary front. (Yonhap)