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The central-south region invited to strengthen its response capacities to natural disasters | Environment

Illustrative photo. (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The south-central coastal region, the most disaster-prone in Vietnam, needs to focus on improving disaster forecasting so that early warnings can be produced to facilitate a proactive response, an official told the agency. Vietnamese press.

Last November, the region was hit hard by torrential rains and flooding, leaving dozens dead and missing.

the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Natural Disasters for the period 2021 – 2030, with a vision towards 2045, highlights tasks and solutions to help the region prevent and mitigate the impacts of natural disasters, in particular storms, floods, drought, landslides land and coastal and river erosion, said Tang Quoc Chinh, director of the Department of Disaster Safety Control under the Disaster Management Authority of Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The focus should be on improving disaster prediction produce early warnings and a proactive response, he said.

The south-central region is urged to strengthen its response capacities to natural disasters hinh anh 2Rescuers use a boat to move children to safety in Vietnam. Illustrative photo. (Source: VNA)

The region should develop a multi-disaster warning system to monitor rainfall, floods, landslides and the like, while providing guidelines for the construction of disaster-resistant structures and evacuation shelters and supporting financially disadvantaged households to build houses resistant to storms and floods, he noted. .

It should strengthen the effectiveness of risk zoning, establish a disaster warning map at the municipal level and strengthen control over the construction of housing and infrastructure, especially coastal and river tourist sites, he said. suggested, adding that more attention should be paid to the management, protection and development of forests. , preserving coastal sand dunes and shifting to disaster-resilient agriculture.

In the long term, the region should harmonize disaster response efforts between state management agencies and advisory bodies and build the capacity of government personnel specialized in the prevention and control of natural disasters, while applying technology state-of-the-art technology and developing a database about it, the official added./.