Central region

The mid-western region is finally getting some rain; farmers ready to start spraying

Some Saskatchewan farmers finally have a weight on their shoulders as rain hit the west-central part of the province on Monday evening.

Kevin Krchov farms 20 miles north of Rosetown and two miles east. He says the harvests will start to look better now that the rains have arrived.

” It was nice. We had showered the day before, but we hadn’t had rain for a year,” Krchov said.

Krchov said it started raining while he was running errands in Rosetown at 4 p.m. He drove to his neighborhood and was thrilled to see the rain fall on his crop.

It rained until 11 p.m. Monday.

This is the first good shot of rain that has come through this spring. After finishing sowing at the end of May, Krchov needs rain to keep the crops in better condition.

“They looked really terrible,” he said. “They looked really crappy because there wasn’t a lot of humidity and not a lot of sun, so the harvests here are quite late and they don’t look very good.”

The Department of Agriculture’s crop report last Thursday indicated that planting was almost complete in the mid-west and south-east regions of the province.

While farmers have pleaded for a little rain, what fell on Monday and what may come this week could be more than farmers need.

Across the province, weather forecasts predict a good rainfall for the coming days. If they haven’t had enough, farmers could have a problem of too much rain on their hands.

Krchov is pleased with the rainfall farmers in the region received on Monday.

“That 3.5in was probably perfect,” he said. “There was water in my garden (Monday) evening and when I got up (Tuesday) morning it was already gone.”

Even if the sloughs and ditches are full, the spraying should finally be stopped and running when the rain dries up.

“My chemical company and my fuel company can be happy that it rained too,” Krchov said with a laugh.