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Thirst for time ahead: Central Region GWCL warns

Elmina Bantama Assembly Member Kofi Gyeni Provides Pledge Update

The central region office of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) said laxity in tackling illegal mining in water bodies is having critical consequences on water production.

He therefore urged security agencies to step up their efforts to crack down on this illegality.

GWCL Central Region Chief Director Kwesi Yeboah Abebrese said it was also important that all Ghanaians see the need to join in the fight and campaign against illegal mining activities that are destroying the blueprints. of water in the country or expect to “be thirsty”.

Mr Abebrese was speaking at an engagement with the Bantama community in Elmina last week on Tuesday.

The first of these engagements took place in Bantama to address consumer concerns and to improve the cordiality between them and their consumers.

It also involved explaining to them the operations of the company, their challenges and what consumers could do to help improve the efficiency of the water supply, as well as educating them about water quality. , billing and metering.

Nine more such community engagements are planned for communities across the region before the end of this year.

Aggravated situation

Mr Abebrese said the pollution of water sources had worsened and was significantly affecting GWCL’s business and therefore called for increased efforts.

“Virtually all of our water sources for our treatment plants are affected. We are talking about something as important as water and I think our security agencies must rise again to save our bodies of water,” he said.

Mr Abebrese said GWCL could not ensure the effective supply of clean water to communities if it did not have their cooperation and support.

“There are often issues that lead to misunderstandings and tensions between the company and the communities. Water that does not flow, high billing, inappropriate landscaping that encroaches on utility spaces and water quality, among others. ”

“There’s not much we can do if there’s tension between us and consumers. That’s what we should be doing and we’re going to step up those engagements,” he said.

Water potability

Mr. Abebrese said the water from GWCL was safe to drink and corrected the minds of consumers that the water caused typhoid.

He said the company is committed to meeting its standards to ensure consumers have safe drinking water and will do anything to maintain it.

He added that it was also important for consumers to play their part by paying their bills promptly to support the company’s operations.

He urged residents to file their complaints with GWCL offices for prompt redress.

Elmina Bantama Assemblyman Kofi Gyeni commended GWCL for this commitment.

He called on the government to subsidize the cost of laying water pipes to homes in vulnerable communities. Other consumers have called for better communication in the billing system.