Central region

Unsafe driving leads to 23% increase in fatal crashes in Central region

Fatal collisions in the region are up 23% from a year ago, according to the Central Region OPP.

“Especially with the province looking to reopen, people are really eager to get out, but now is not the time to take unnecessary risks and end innocent lives,” said Gosia Puzio of the OPP of the central region.

Sixteen people have already died in crashes in the region. Five people died from speeding, three people from impaired driving, three from not wearing seat belts and five from other causes.

Provincially, 94 people have died in collisions on roads monitored by the OPP this year, up from 87 people in the same period last year, an increase of 8%. Speeding and distracted driving accounted for nearly half of all fatal crashes, according to the OPP, with 27 speed-related fatalities and 16 inattentive-related deaths.

The Ontario Provincial Police say a significant number of people who die in crashes are not at fault and driving with other life-killing vehicles is risky. Puzio urges residents to be careful while driving.

“We really hope that people start to take to heart the impact these crashes are having on lives, whether they are killed or seriously affected by injuries, whether physical, mental or emotional,” Puzio said. “[It’s] certainly not a trend that we want to continue to see.

The Central Region OPP said it will step up road patrols and RIDE program checks to deal with the increase in collisions.